National Legislative Director



Scott Saunders is the Grandson of Retired General Chairman, John Saunders. He has grown up in a railroad household and town. He was elected to the position of National Legislative Director in 2009 and is currently serving in that capacity. He was elected as Mayor of the City of Smithville in May 2016 (currently serving) and served on the City Council May of 2012 to 2016. He and his wife Leah are lifelong residents of Smithville.  They have two daughters, Rosaleigh and Penelope. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and General Business Admin. from Sam Houston State University. He is a member of the Smithville Fire Department, Lions Club, Masonic lodge, Chamber of Commerce, and First Presbyterian Church.

Alternate National Legislative Director



Pam is the daughter of retired General Chairman Garland Neal, the mother of Local Chairman Robert Loyd and the grandmother of Conductor Lyrik Loyd.  She’s also been the Office Manager of General Committee GO 393 in Temple, Texas since 1997, serving three General Chairmen.  Yes, union activism is in the blood!


While attending her first Region Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, she sat in on an Auxiliary Meeting.  Needless to say, she was hooked.  Recognizing that there was so much information that spouses of all the new hires needed, she began working to put together a lodge in Temple.  After several tries and much effort, she was able to start a lodge at the Portland, Oregon Region meeting in 2012.  As Delegate to her first Auxiliary Convention in 2014, she was elected Alternate National Legislative Director and re-elected in 2018. She also served as Constitution Committee Chairperson at the Twelfth Quadrennial Convention. 


Living and working in the union environment has instilled her with a passion for fighting for labor, especially safer working conditions for our railroaders.  Being the grandmother of four provides her with the impetus to be a voice for a cleaner, healthier planet and better wages for all. 

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