National Legislative Director



Scott married his High School sweetheart Leah and they have one child, Rosaleigh and currently Leah is expecting their child number two. From a very young age Scott became interested in politics and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and General Business Administration. He has owned a Farmers Insurance agency for over 3 years and has over 9 employees. He is also very involved in his community and was recently elected Mayor for the city of Smithville. The skills Scott has continue to help him navigate the political spectrum to ensuring a bright and prosperous future for the Auxiliary.

Alternate National Legislative Director



Pam Neal serves as the Alternate National Legislative Director for the Auxiliary of the UTU.  She was elected to this position during her first convention in 2014, where she was serving as Delegate for Texas Bluebonnet Lodge 331.  She has been a member of the Auxiliary since her lodge was chartered in 2012 during the Portland Regional Meeting.  She was elected as Legislative Representative for her lodge at that time.


Pam has been working in the office of General Committee GO 393 since 1995.  She is the daughter of retired UTU General Chairman G. R. Neal and the mother of SMART-TD Local Chairman R. W. Loyd.  She has two sons and four grandchildren.

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