Recipient Information

New Scholarship Awards

As a new Auxiliary of the United Transportation Union Scholarship Fund winner, you will receive from the President of the Scholarship Fund Board a notification letter, an “Accept or Decline” form, a Proof of Enrollment form and a “Scholarship Requirement” sheet. Complete and send to the President of the Scholarship Fund Board the “Accept or Decline” form. If a reply is not received by June 1 of your decision to accept or decline this award, it will be given to the next qualified alternate winner.

The Proof of Enrollment form or an official School Enrollment Document must be completed by the College Registrar for the Fall semester and sent to the President of the Scholarship Fund Board as soon as possible. The registrar’s signature will certify that you are enrolled as a full time student. This will also provide the address where your scholarship check will be sent. Following receipt and approval of both of these forms, the scholarship check will be sent directly to the college or university. If the Proof of Enrollment form is not received and approved by the October 1st deadline, you will forfeit your award and it will be given to the next qualified alternate winner.


Renewal Scholarships

As stated on the “Scholarship Requirement” sheet, “The scholarship will continue as long as criteria are maintained but will not exceed four (4) continuous years. The Auxiliary of the UTU Scholarship Fund Board decides whether individual scholarships should be continued or discontinued. In the event no funding is available, the scholarship may be discontinued at any time.” Renewal scholarship recipients will be sent a packet of information in June of each year. Included is a Renewal Update Form which lets the Board know whether or not you plan to renew your scholarship for the upcoming year. To help the Board in the administration of the Scholarship Fund, please complete this form and return by the August 1st deadline even if you will not be returning to school for the upcoming term.

Renewal of the scholarship after the initial year is predicated upon proper enrollment and achievement of at least a 2.0 grade point average. Have the College Registrar send the Proof of Enrollment form or an official School Enrollment Document for the Fall semester as soon as possible. Make arrangements to have your official school transcript sent directly to the Scholarship Board President to document your GPA for the past year. Proper documentation and approval is required in advance of the future distribution of the scholarship payment (which goes directly to the college or university) in years two, three, and four. If the recipient does not meet these criteria or otherwise fails or refuses to provide documentary proof by the October 1st deadline, the scholarship payment will not be made and the remainder of the award will be forfeited. The Board may need to contact you concerning your scholarship. It is the responsibility of the recipient to make sure the Scholarship Fund Board always has your current address, phone number and email address on file. Updated information should be e-mailed to Marilyn Spangler, Scholarship Fund Board President, at

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